HĂ´tel Beau-Rivage Palace (Lausanne)

The Hotel Beau-Rivage Palace***** in Lausanne is one of the most prestigious luxury hotels of Europe and the world.  Located in Ouchy on the shores of Lake Geneva, it has been classed as one of the 50 best hotels in the world by the American Association of Travel Editors and the LĂ©gion d'Honneur du Voyage, and is regularly ranked among the top hotels in Switzerland by several specialized publications.

Major renovation has been carried out at the initiative of the Sandoz Family Foundation starting in 1993. As part of the program of complete rehabilitation, architectural treasures of the past have been faithfully restored in the vast spaces of the ground floor as well as in the hotel’s 170 rooms (including 24 suites). It is not for nothing that in 1999 the Beau-Rivage Palace was designated the historic hotel of the year by the Swiss national section of the International Council on Monuments and Sites ICOMOS.

The project includes the creation of a spa and the transformation of the core of the hotel, and will finish in 2010 with the rehabilitation of the rotunda and the terrace.

On the 150th anniversary of the hotel’s construction in 2009 a magnificent 440-page book was published by InFolio under the direction of Nadja Maillard detailing the hotel’s construction and its various transformations, its dĂ©cor, its guests and the events that have taken place there.  Separate chapters are devoted to the history of the site, travel, tourism, the hotel’s architecture and the gardens. Photographs and documents drawn from archives provide outstanding illustrations, and four fictional accounts show the imaginary dimension of the hotel.

The Beau-Rivage Palace is under the same management as an adjacent establishment, the Hotel Angleterre & Residence (category ****), which benefits from the infrastructure of its neighbor and the synergy resulting from their integration.  The completion of renovation work on the Angleterre in 2002 marked a new phase in the Sandoz Family Foundation’s efforts to maintain the unique landscape of the port of Ouchy.  Built in 1775, with its direct access to Lake Geneva the hotel is an integral part of the image of that part of town. Architects Danilo Mondada and Christophe Amsler worked in close cooperation with historians and archaeologists, and have succeeded preserving or recreating the original building together with the inimitable atmosphere of the age, while meeting the requirements of modern, efficient and future-oriented hotel service.

Since April 2009 the Beau-Rivage Palace has entrusted the kitchens of its gastronomic restaurant to Anne-Sophie Pic, the only French woman chef to have won three stars.

The Sandoz Family Foundation holds a large majority of the share capital of Beau-Rivage Palace SA.  It has made an unreserved commitment to renovating the hotel complex, and today that commitment has assured the Beau-Rivage Palace an excellent position for the future, in particular vis-Ă -vis international competition.

The Foundation is represented on the Board of Directors by Vice-Chairman François Landolt and Me Olivier Verrey.