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2012 Competition

Sandoz Family Foundation – Monique de Meuron Programme
for the Encouragement of Up-and-Coming Academics
2012 competition «Economics»

Press release – 13 December 2012

As part of its Programme for the Encouragement of Up-and-Coming Academics, the Sandoz Family Foundation has just announced the award of an assistant lectureship in economics to the candidate put forward by the University of Geneva. The beneficiary is Ms Monika Mrazowa.

Since 1999, the Sandoz Family Foundation, which is keen to encourage Up-and-Coming Academics in the universities in French-speaking Switzerland (Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and EPFL), has financed the posts of an assistant lecturer and a graduate or post-doc assistant every year, up to a maximum of four years, as well as the award of an establishment credit. The areas supported vary from year to year. To date, no fewer than 15 lecturer's posts and an even greater number of assistants have been supported by the Foundation within the universities of French-speaking Switzerland.

The 2012 competition focuses on economics. The jury of international professors specialising in the area of economics and social sciences were of the opinion that the first place should be awarded to the candidate put forward by the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Geneva, Ms Monika Mrazowa. The Foundation followed the jury's recommendation.

The area of international commerce is growing rapidly and a new doctoral programme has just been created in this field at the University of Geneva, in collaboration with the University of Lausanne. The post offered by the competition serves to reinforce this direction. Ms Monika Mrazowa's submission was felt to be particularly interesting. Of Czech nationality, Ms Mrazowa attended secondary school in France and university in the UK and the USA, followed by a period at the University of Geneva, where her abilities as a lecturer and researcher were widely appreciated. Her research focuses on international commerce in a globalised world. She has written her doctoral thesis and several other studies on this subject. Her research topic is particularly pertinent within the current international economic and financial context. This nomination will substantially reinforce the importance of international economics studies at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Geneva.